My first personality profile for the yearbook was surprising. The point of interviewing was supposed to be about being the only boy on color guard. It took a turn because of the mystery behind abandoning his birth name.
My first personality profile for the newsmagazine was for a theme issue called End. I chose to focus on a senior Mormon who is going on a missionary trip. I wanted to show people the reasoning/passion behind it. 
My first indepth of my senior year on staff. It was supposed to be about heroin rates increasing, but a week before print I had to change the topic. Heroin wasn't common among high schoolers, so I took a risk and suggested this new drug; wax.
My orginal assignment fell through three days before print. I had to think quick and changed the topic to Pence's recent debacle. Also, it was a great way to localize the recent Paris attacks too.
My second personality profile improved because I learned how to form a lead. The focus for Elijah was about his flight school. But, it took a turn because of his height being a common barrier for many of his activites. 
My first indepth was unexpecting because it was supposed to be a one-page feature. But, the original indepth failed and the staff asked me to extend my story. I had an abundance of research that I could do it the day before print. This was the spark to apply for indepth editor.
This issue won 5th place for NSPA Orlando 2015 Newsmagazine Best of Show. Moreover, this story caused the most noise at our high school which was great. People actually read our publication and respected it.
My interviews are what saved my story. I didn't have that "This is it!" moment until very late in the cycle.