i wanted to represent teen awkwardness


my subject was a cobra snake

Surrealism Project

It is a book substituting a head on a skeleton.

The skeleton is shooting itself with a gun made of flowers.

My idea was --- the more we educated our dead souls the higher threat of restlessness. this threat is seen as peace in an intellectual's mind. 

Painting Nature

i chose to paint a black swan in a pond filled with khoi fish

Mixed Media Collage

i wanted to represent love. the tower of support, addiction, and a burning heart is what i saw in a type of love i've experienced.

Low-Poly Profile - Color, Shape, Value

this is from a picture of me eating blue moon ice cream.


Golden Mean - Shape, Proportion, Emphasis, Unity

i chose a lampshade as my subject.

Progressive Repetition

PBIS Calendar - Color, Variety, Pattern, Unity

i recreated columbus' landscape and recolored it for each month.


Photoshop Surrealism

i used my old photos and to create this